Win Boost

LoL Win Boost is simply a Match-Top Boost, an Elo Boost option created to win matches. In this service, there is the possibility of purchasing from one to ten win. In addition, depending on your request, the procedure is performed as Solo Boost or Duo Boost. Duo Boost accompanies you with a professional player and you do not need to provide your account information, there is also a guarantee or non-guaranteed win option. In the non-guaranteed win option, Booster performs best but there is no compensation in case of no win. In the guarantee win option, if Booster thinks the player knowingly plays very badly, he switches from order type Duo Boost to Solo Boost.

When you choose Solo Boost or guarantee win, extra win is taken for each lose.

1. Boost Options

2. Additional Options


When you choose the Guarantee Win option, you get extra win for every lose. For example, when you buy 1 guarantee win, if you gain 1 boost, 2 win is taken. is not responsible for the failure to earn points due to the low mm of your account.