First 10 Matches

Although some players do not care, LoL Placement Matches, the First 10 Matches, are very important at the start of the season and affect the whole season. With the First 10 Matches service offered by RapidEloBoost, you can start playing your ranked matches at the highest level possible. In this option, which we created with the aim of starting the season fast, we provide 10 victory guarantees (7 victory guarantees for diamonds and above). If defeat is taken, 1 cluster contracts in addition to your league at the end of 10 matches for each defeat.

In the First 10 Matches services, it is possible to purchase up to ten matches. All you have to do is select the server with your account, your last season league, degree tour and the corridor depending on the request. In addition, you can add the location of the flash button, leave the chat offline while in the game, and make it live on twitch as you can see during the process.

As soon as you complete your order, one of the professional LoL players in our staff will be directed to play in the customer's account. The order to be created will be completed within a day or two, depending on the options.

1. Boost Options

2. Additional Options

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