DUO Boost

Duo Boost is one of the options that will get you to the level you want in League of Legends. LoL Duo Boost is a process where the player reaches a high level league that he/she determines 100% securely without giving his/her account information and leaving his/her account. During this process, a professional player accompanies you in a time interval you set and makes it easier for you to climb to the upper leagues. Thanks to the Duo boost service offered by RapidEloBoost, playing League of Legends becomes much more enjoyable. There is never a 100% win guarantee for Duo Boost operation. This is because the players who come to the team have unpredictable features. Despite this, games generally result in an average of + 80%. If Booster thinks the player is playing very badly, knowingly or unknowingly, he switches from order type Duo Boost to Elo Boost.

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