ELO Boost

What is Elo Boost? What does it do?

Those who have played League of Legends, or LoL, for a long time have come across the terms Elo Boost or Elo Boosting at least once. Elo Boost is the process of upgrading your league with the help of a professional player, as well as your position in the LoL ranking system. Thanks to this process, you can easily reach the league you want and enjoy the game without having to deal with it for hours.

Let's briefly talk about how this process took place. Players who want to have Elo Boost hand over their accounts to professional players for a certain fee. Elo Boost upgrade fees can be very different. The biggest determining aspect of the wage is the level you plan to increase. Thanks to the Elo Boost Calculator on our site, you can learn the most appropriate fee for the level you want to reach. Your Elo Boost transaction will start as soon as possible after you choose the Elo Boost transaction that suits you and share your account information required on the payment page. Many players have the security of account information and the possibility of banning your account. It is understandable that players are concerned about their accounts being hacked or stolen. However, as long as you make your Elo Boost transaction on RapidEloBoost, you do not need to feel any problem with account security. Your account information is stored on secure servers during Elo Boost and deleted at the end of the transaction. Players can change their information at the end of the transaction if they wish. Players who do not want to provide their account information can choose the DUO BOOST transaction. Then start Elo Boost without waiting, reach the level you want in League of Legends as soon as possible with the different Elo Boost options we offer and enjoy the game!