Distant Sales Contract

Effective as of January 8, 2020.

1. General Definitions
Site: A website consisting of the domain name www.RapidEloBoost.com and subdomains affiliated to this domain, served by Rapid Elo Boost brand.
User: Real or legal person who is a member of the Site and who benefits from the Services offered on the Site within the conditions specified in this Sales Agreement.
Buyer: The User who purchases the goods and / or services offered for sale by the Seller using the Services offered on the Site.
Seller: User who performs the services requested by the Buyer by using the Services offered on the Site.
Service: All Services offered by the players and available on the site.

2. Subject and Scope of the Contract
2.1. The subject of the Sales Agreement is the determination of the Services offered on the Site, the conditions for using these Services and the rights and obligations of the parties.
2.2. The scope of the Sales Agreement is all statements, statements and explanations made by Rapid Elo Boost regarding the usage, membership and the Services within the Site.
2.3. By accepting the terms of the Sales Agreement, you also accept that you agree to comply with any statements on the Site that are described by Rapid Elo Boost regarding usage, membership and the Services.

3. Buyer Rights and Obligations
3.1. The buyer can cancel the service or services that he / she has paid for purchasing only in case of cancellation conditions offered by the site or give up the service.
3.2. By using the Safe Shopping Service (ARTICLE 5), the costs of the Services that the Buyer has purchased or entitled to purchase, the Safe Account managed by Rapid Elo Boost, the committed service between the Buyer and the Player until the Service is completed by the Player. will ensure payment is made to be blocked.
3.3. The Buyer agrees, declares and undertakes that if the service is purchased, an appointment will be made within 24 hours and wait in this process.
3.4. The Buyer, at any stage of the service purchase on the Site, and for whatever reason, should the Player stop doing the Service, Rapid Elo Boost will have no responsibility or liability for this; Rapi Elo Boost accepts, declares and undertakes that he / she cannot request that the Service or equivalent he / she tries to purchase, in any case, be procured or to pay any compensation.
3.5. The Buyer accepts, declares and undertakes that the Site cannot be held responsible for any temporary or permanent prohibition, restriction, punishment after the service purchase.
3.6. The Buyer accepts, declares and undertakes that, if the committed Service is completed, the fee paid for the Service will be transferred to the Player after the Site is interrupted.

4. Cancellation and Return Conditions
4.1 Services: After the order is confirmed and the player is assigned for the service, no refund / refund will be made for the services received. In case of a situation preventing the player from completing the Service, the completed part of the Service will be deducted and the remaining part will be returned to the Buyer. If you are having problems receiving or receiving our services, we recommend that you contact us for assistance.

5. Secure Shopping System
5.1. By using the Services provided on the Site managed as a virtual service platform and by mutual will, the Buyer and Player agree on the Price, qualities and delivery conditions of the Service.
5.2. Rapid Elo Boost management provides the Buyer and Player the Service within the Secure Shopping System during the service procurement process, during the payment of the Service fee. Secure Shopping System, against the risk of not being able to collect the Player in exchange for the service; It protects the Buyer against the risk of not receiving the service or not receiving the service under the required qualifications and conditions, despite the payment of the price.
5.3. In the Safe Shopping System, Buyer and Player are the parties of the trade; Rapid Elo Boost is involved in the management of payments. Rapid Elo Boost opens an account at the bank under the name Secure Account. Secure Account is managed by Rapid Elo Boost as a trusted third party legally independent from Buyer and Player. Rapid Elo Boost, which is not a party to the buying and selling process, manages the entry of the service fees into the Safe Account and their exit from the Safe Account in accordance with the instructions of the Buyer and Player and the transactions they perform through the Site. The ownership of the goods deposited in the Secure Account and held in the Secure Account does not belong to Rapid Elo Boost.
5.4. Buyers deposit the Service charges agreed with the Players to the Secure Account managed by Rapid Elo Boost, and the Entry of the Secure Account constitutes the Service fees deposited by the Buyers. Exits from the Secure Account are the amounts transferred to the Seller accounts as a Service fee in accordance with the instructions of the Buyers; If the service is not realized in accordance with the conditions agreed between the Buyer and the Player, the Service fees returned to the Buyers and the amounts transferred to the Rapid Elo Boost account as the Rapid Elo Boost Service commission at the payment stage to the Sellers made according to the buyers' instructions. . Secure Account, which is managed based on the instructions.
5.5. Users are directly and / or indirectly responsible for all kinds of taxes, duties, fees and similar liabilities that may arise from the sale or sales-related transactions of the Products bought and sold using the Safe Shopping System and Services. None of the responsibilities arising from any taxes, duties, fees and similar liabilities that may arise from sales and transactions belong to Rapid Elo Boost.
Izmir Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized in disputes regarding this contract.

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